Why str8 HMP?

Pack Your Favorite Piece
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High Quality,

Low Price

str8 HMP is less expensive than other competitive smokable hemp products. It's a high-quality product at a great price.


Pure Smoking Enjoyment without tobacco or nicotine



Lingering Smell

Unlike traditional cigarettes, smoking str8 HMP eliminates this probelm

No Seeds No Stems

Our proprietary process ensures smooth flavor with no crackling, no harshness, and no pesky toke-ache.


Make Your Bud Last Longer

Use str8 HMP Shred for times when you want to mix your own flower or special herb together and roll a smoke, without sacrificing your bud's flavor, unlike using tobacco for the same purpose.


Add Flavor

Honey, Berry, Menthol, or Regular

With str8 HMP Shred add subtle flavor to your next bowl pack or spliff without ruining the taste. Our hemp has No Seeds or Stems. It's Nicotine and Tobacco Free. Str8 HMP has a great taste on its own.

Get Creative

Versatile and handy in a pinch-our hemp excels whether

pre-rolled, rolled yourself, or enjoyed on its own.