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Why we stand out...

What makes our products special? 

We'll be str8t up with you...

there are many reasons we stand apart from competitors.

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High Quality Vapes

Str8t is thoughtfully engineered, consistent, made from high-quality materials and crafted with precision.

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Dual Airflow Means
No Clogging

Designed with a patented dual-air-flow anti-clog draw technology. We've improved upon less reliable methods with our pre-heating ceramic coil system.


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Superb Value

You can trust that our products will provide a dependable vaping experience time after time, with the right amount of terpenes in every tank.

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A Unique Euphoria

The terpenes in our disposables and cartridges provide a delightful mind/body euphoria that is unique to Delta-8 THC.

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Wide Variety of Terpenes

You can taste the balance of tactfully extracted terpenes and their flavorful characteristics.


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